About KNOBS.se

I produce knobs that are replicas of real aircraft knobs. They are not allowed to use in real aircrafts, only for simulator use.

It all started when I was not happy with what was on the market.

I managed to get hold of a number of real knobs, and of course there was a great difference between them and those of other companies that manufacture parts for simulators.

One of the main features that I wanted to achieve was that the white marking on the button should be illuminated. The second was shape. The shape should be as close to reality as possible, both inside and outside, with D-shaped shaft hole and the curvature inside the shaft hole for the best spread of light. The third was the color, the color should be as close to real as possible, both in color and texture. Somewhere between matte and semigloss.
I was in contact with many different companies in Sweden and other countries, to get as close to reality as possible. I tested different epoxy types, model paints and various automotive paints until I found something that worked

The final choice of material was a water clear epoxy that takes incredibly long time to solidify. The epoxy takes 48 hours to solidify and 14 days to complete cure at room temperature. This is to prevent air bubbles geting trapped inside the molding. The buttons are painted in three layers, one component automotive paint. This takes three days to paint and dry. Then the knobs are painted with two componet clearcoat car paint.

I want to say that I have another job in addition to knob production. The manufacture of knobs is just a hobby nothing I want or can "live on" even though I am aware that my knobs are expensive! I can produce a maximum 40 knobs per month. The advantage that you as a customer get, is a certain guarantee, if any knob lose paint send it to me and I will fix it. If you are not satisfied return the knobs and you get money back for everything except shipping and handling. Each button takes about 30 minutes to make, the process includes:
Therefore the price is so high:

1: developed process
2: developed process
3: developed process
4: developed process
5: developed process
6: developed process
7: Take out from the form
8: Grind
9: Heat in oven
10: Applying Primer
11: Painting with white car paint
12: Masking with great Accuracy
13: Painting with black car paint
14: Remove the masking while the paint is wet
15: Heat in oven
16: Mask with wider tape
17: Painting with knob color, also car paint
18: Remove the masking while the paint is wet
20: Heat in oven
21: 2 K satin clearcoat
22: Heat in oven